How it works for users

Did you know that getting back your lost valuable quickly is possible today?

What do you do when you lose a valuable and you would like to get it back quickly?
And if you want to return a found item to its rightful owner?

Finding or returning a lost item has never been so easy

Found something?

  • Publish a picture and describe the item
  • Choose if you would like a monetary reward from the owner or not
  • Get in touch with the rightful owner through the platform
  • Give it back (in person, by mail) and you may receive a reward!
  • I've found an item

Lost anything?

  • Look for it by filling out the main features, the place and the date of loss
  • Select your lost item and get in contact with the finder
  • Offer a reward...or a drink!

  • Get back your lost valuable and take care of it
  • I've lost an item didn't find your lost valuable? Try again tomorrow or activate the alert!
We will notify you if in the next 30 days someone will recover your lost item!

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