How a simple idea gives birth to an innovative service that enhances your everyday life

FindMyLost S.r.l. is based in Milan and is the results of a brainstorming between a female manager, an IT entrepreneur and a lawyer

Every day hundreds of thousands of valuables are lost and found all over the world. What are the challenges to return it?

In an era when people connect easily, it seemed impossible to think that there is a lack of an online system supporting communication between companies and users and users themselves. Contacts and follow-ups are hassles for both company customer service and the lost item owner.

On one side, citizens and travellers who lost something that they care about do not have any system that can support them in getting back their lost item. On the other side, companies must manage this problem even if this is not their core business. Nowadays in all over the world, the Lost Property service is extremely costly, time-consuming and managed in an old-fashioned way. We therefore offer companies an instrument to enhance their services and help people to get their valuables back efficiently.

After the pilot with EXPO2015, the team decided to become more structured. FindMyLost S.r.l. was estabilished in February 2016, putting together different backgrounds and luggage of competencies in order to boost the project and achieve the goal of making the digital Lost Property service a standard in Italy and abroad.

Our Mission is to simplify the management of the Lost Property and make it more efficient, by offering an innovative, digital, fully integrated Customer Care Service.

Our Vision is to become a unique point of reference in the Lost Property world because nobody should ever be set apart from its memories.

“We are socially committed and we are going to disrupt the Lost Property ecosystem. Believing in honesty and collaboration, we want to build a community who shares strong values”

FindMyLost Team