Why subscribing to FindMyLost?
FindMyLost is the first Digital Lost Property tool for Business and Consumer, the only platform that, using a cutting-edge technology, allows your customers to get their lost items back wherever they are, at any time.
Use FindMyLost to disrupt your Lost & Found management system, boost your operational efficiency, and improve your customer service.

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The first digital Lost and Found platform in white-label, with a fully integrated UX
FindMyLost is the only cloud platform that can be customized on the company Lost Property process, integrated with its corporate legacy systems (App-Web-CRM) and with an innovative UX web-responsive in white-label at a dedicated URL.
The first multi-tenant Lost Property platform which supports the centralization of the operations also handling different businesses and locations.
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An easy-to-use and interactive dashboard
Customer Service operators have access to a detailed dashboard and Content Management System, through which they gain a more comprehensive view of all found items (classified according to locations and sub-locations) and Users interactions. Besides, the dashboard displays the overall search history, the activated alerts, the registered Users, insightful statistics regarding the objects, the shipment requests, the payment receipts, and Users feedback.
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Exclusive worldwide partnership with TOLEMAICA
Tolemaica is the owner of the patented IAC (Instant Automatic Certification) technology that allows to certify with legal value, automatically and instantly, the date and place of images of lost and found items. In this way, we aim at minimising human error and misbehaviours.
AI representation
Cutting-edge technology enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
  • Object searches can take place in any language, the terms entered are translated by the algorithm and compared with the database.
  • When a photo of an object is uploaded, the contents are immediately recognised and associated with the object as a search tag in English (Image Recognition Technology).
Some benefits for your company:
Savings in personnel costs and workload for both operators and Users

From 5 telephone operators to 1 chat operator. End-Users search for their items in total autonomy and eventually message with the operator through an integrated messaging system.
Smaller warehouses

Less space needed thanks to a major turnover and a simultaneous return rate increase.
Turn a cost centre into a potential revenue centre

The platform allows to generate revenues thanks to the possibility to charge a recovery fee for each object returned.
Enhance Customers satisfaction

Less emails, calls and in person visits. The User gets back its lost item thanks to a fully integrated online solution.

How does FindMyLost work?


1. Log an item - Business
Once an item is found, the company staff can easily log it onto the centralized platform.
Log in through the WebApp or the Web, upload the item picture, fill in the form and post it!
The platform is suitable for a quick log of the items thanks to innovative technologies such as image-recognition and IAC which gives legal value to found items images.
seconds for a collector to log an item.
2. Search for an item through the dedicated link - User
FindMyLost offers a multilingual and personalized experience, with a white-label solution and specific business-related features. Thanks to its powerful algorithm, after logging in and filling out the form, the User can see and verify all the possible matches.
seconds to search for a lost item on the platform.
3. Assign the item - Business
After receiving a claim back request, a conversation starts between the Customer Service and the potential rightful owner via an integrated messaging system. The system automatically requests the User to prove the ownership. Finally, the operator reviews it and approves or rejects the return request.
4. Pick up in person or delivery?
If the claim back request is approved, the User can choose the delivery method (i.e., in-person or shipping). Indeed, FindMyLost offers an integrated online payment system and express shipping services that allow the quick return of the item worldwide.

It allows to track Users activities
Item picture

The items can be uploaded with a picture to facilitate the identification by the Users
Messaging system

The software sends some automatic messages to guide and speed up the returning process
Proof of ownership

Attachments can be sent via the integrated messaging system

Users can upload the items found on the platform and return them directly to the owners (i.e., mixed up luggage) – optional feature

The owners can choose to get their items back by express courier
Recovery fee

Business partners may introduce the payment of recovery fees, according to the item category. The transaction occurs in the currency of the relative country

In case no match is found, the User can activate an alert to be notified as soon as a similar item is logged